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5 Reasons Your Oral Health Is About Your Smile

Everything is about your smile and your oral health. Unfortunately, much of the population will lose their teeth from periodontal disease and then tooth decay. It is imperative that good oral hygiene practices are started when the first tooth arrives. Parents, you have many years of brushing and flossing little people teeth and flossing their gums!

Reason #1 - Preventing Gum Disease

Have you ever talked to someone and you wanted to run because of the smell of their bad breath. In most cases, the person has some type of gum disease. One of the first indications of gum disease is bleeding gums. Another is bad breath. Going to your dentist routinely is important to prevent such. A dental cleaning and periodontal charting are very important to your dental health and for prevention. A beautiful smile is a healthy smile.

Reason #2 - Preventing Tooth Decay

Don't only see your dentist when it hurts. Early detection of tooth decay can prevent you from experiencing lots of pain and spending lots of money. In dentistry we say, "catch it when it's small." When you come to the dentist in pain, in many cases there is an infection that could have been prevented. When tooth decay gets in the nerve of the tooth, you might need a root canal or an extraction. A beautiful smile can be maintained by seeing your dentist regularly.

"The tongue is ever turning to the aching tooth."—Thomas Fuller

Reason #3 - Bad Breath

Bad breath can easily be prevented by brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Having bad breath can affect your social life and your business. People do business with people they trust. Having bad oral hygiene can prevent people from trusting you because you aren't taking care of your basic needs. A healthy smile smells good.

Reason #4 - Overal Health

There is a strong link between bad oral hygiene and diabetes, impotence, heart disease, strokes, and alzheimer's disease. Think of it this way, the toxins in your gums and mouth can effect your entire body. The back of mouth connects with the base of the brain. There's a little bit of head and neck anatomy for you!

Reason #5 - Confidence

A healthy white smile will boost your confidence and build your self esteem. The first thing that most people are introduced to are your teeth and your smile. What better way to capture someone's attention. It's up to you to maintain a heallthy white smile and prevent dental related problems that can affect daily activities such as speaking and eating.

In Conclusion

At About Your Smile Luxury Teeth Whitening Bar with promote optimal oral health and whiter smiles by dental professionals. Make sure to book your teeth whitening appointment with us. We will gladly teach you how to brush and floss. Make sure you purchase a water flosser. They will help you keep your mouth nice and clean.

Cheron K. Griffin. RDH, BS, BSDH

Expert in Dental Oral Care

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