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Composite Veneers Are A No For Me! #horseteeth

Updated: Feb 7

There's a going trend of celebrities, entrepreneurs, and those who want to be fancy getting composite veneers by non dental professionals. Personally, I don't consider composite veneers veneers! Sorry NOT Sorry.

What are Composite Veneers?

Composite veneers are a resin material that is placed on top of the tooth and shaped to mimic a tooth. They are then polished. There is no structure removed from the tooth structure and can be easily removed. This rock-hard, calcium-based natural tooth protector doesn’t grow back and can chip at any time and eventually stain. Unfortunately, many basement dentist are learning how to do composite veneers and harming individuals with teeth that are oversized like horse teeth, extremely white like Chiclets, and being placed over decayed teeth. In many cases, speech is even effected leaving one with a lisp and composites are being placed on people with gum disease. Composite veneers look less like a natural tooth. We are going to have an edentulous community of Gen Zs and Millennials in the very near future.

My Veneer of Choice!

As a dental hygienist of 31 years of practicing, my veneer of choice are either porcelain veneers or Lumineers. The quality of both are excellent and they do no stain or chip easily. These two options are more natural looking; however, with Lumineers, no tooth structure is removed making it easy for your natural teeth to be restored. With both, teeth whitening might be suggested to match your natural teeth. Personally, I'd suggest whitening your teeth first and then doing the veneers. Why? We want all your teeth to match in color. If you are a person who grinds your teeth, please speak with your dental professional. They might suggest that you wear night guard or restrain from getting veneers. Why? The human jaw can apply 70lbs of pressure per square inch.

Veneers 70% Less By Dental Professionals

If you are in the market for veneers or a smile design, let About Your Smile Luxury Teeth Whitening Bar in Spring, Texas assist you. We have partnered with qualified vetted dentist in various countries who can accommodate you with minimal time, low cost, and great treatment options. Consider vacationing and receiving dental treatment at the same time. Your smile is your confidence and cash. Statistics have proven that those with a beautiful smile and teeth are trusted more in the business arena.

Listen to what Mona had to say from the "Don't Call Me White Girl Podcast" had to say about her Basement Veneers Experience. (Tap her Photo)

Thanks Mona for sharing your experience and warning your audience of the effects of going to a non dental professional for dental treatment! You Rock!


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