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Salons, spas and independent esthetician’s have begun offering ‘professional’ teeth whitening services for their clients. These services come with a laundry list of risks and harmful techniques that could damage the clients smile for years to come.  Non-dental professionals are using products that are not certified by the ADA for quality ingredients or risk factors, meaning these products put the patient at a higher risk of adverse side effects and post treatment complications. They also use products that are significantly lesser quality than what is used in the dental office or by us. Dentists and hygienists are certified to use products with higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide (10% or higher), if a non-dental professional is using a product with a higher concentration they are adhering to regulations put into place by health agencies. Our owner and CEO is a Registered Dental Hygienist of 31 years.


We offer an array of services starting with our zero sensitivity professional laser teeth whitening treatment with all natural products for discolored, stained teeth, or yellow teeth at an affordable cost. Whiter teeth and a healthier smile is sure to boost your confidence and build your self esteem.  Sexy Teeth, Sexy You!  Make your appointment today. We support Grow A Girl Network, Inc and the I See You Campaign (R)


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About Your Smile Luxury Teeth Whitening Bar is a luxury dental spa that performs an array of services by dental professionals.  An expert in oral health & hygiene, this luxury teeth whitening bar in Spring TX, is perhaps the favored place among all ‘Smile Conscious’ individuals, be it top-notch celebrities or ordinary folks. It is all about bolstering your personality, confidence, face-value, aesthetic appeal and attractiveness, by ensuring a perfect SMILE, with sparkling white teeth like pearls.  We’re a team of experienced dental professionals and teeth whitening specialists in Spring that know how to create that ‘Hollywood Celebrity Whiteness’, 3 shades brighter or more.  Other services include tooth gems, buccal massages, and dental tourism and vacations.  Our partnered dentist in the Caribbean are experts in cosmetic dentistry specializing in high quality Zirconia and Emax Veneers, Dental Implants, Full Mouth Reconstruction, Face liposuction and Facial Contouring.  Their fees are 71% less than in the US including travel and accommodations.   

If you are searching for affordable dental implants in Spring TX or teeth whitening  near you in Spring, North Houston, Tomball, The Woodlands or anywhere in the Harris County region, It has to be us! We’re certified teeth whitening specialist in providing specialized teeth whitening, teeth care, face lipo, face contouring and facial rejuvenation with ‘All-Natural’ vegan products.  All of our team members are dental professionals.  A healthy white smile attracts more clients and better dates, and radiates joy, good health and vitality, A beautiful white smile also plays an important role in every day life.  Sexy Teeth, Sexy You!

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